Puri CO2 Laser Power: 80W-400W

Shanghai Puri 2nd generation CO2 laser power of high-quality can be compatible with most of the CO2 laser power. At Present,it can support 25W~300W different power laser power.Puri laser power adopts the good control method,it has output stability,highly protective and other advantages.
   The main points are as follows:
  Compatibility:Puri CO2 laser power can be compatible with most of the CO2 laser power,Matching using laser power and laser power,For example,80w laser power matching the 80w CO2 laser power.
  Maintain of laser power:Keep the laser power use environment clean,Abominable environment will make the laser power full of duct,in this case,it needs to be cleaned regularly.
  Parts Replacement:For the agent who has use and maintenance experience, When the laser power break down, you no need to send back the complete laser power ,just coordinate the sales in Puri company to send the parts to exchange.
  Speed response:Puri laser power response very fast, matching less than 100w laser power is more avail to engraving and cutting; Matching above 100w laser power is more avail to cutting. Control method: It use the high and low level control,using TTL to control the on and off of the laser
  Control mode:The high and low level control, using TTL control laser open and shut.
  Water protection device:It can detection external water cycle is normal or not automatic, is conducive to the protection of the laser power.
  Application Fields:It can be used for organic glass cutting and engraving,double color plate cutting and engraving,cutting of leather,paper cutting,rubber carving,wood,crystal and other metal engraving and cutting. It widely used in many fields of advertising,clothing,handicrafts,auto parts and other fields.
  Input Voltage:220V or 110V(Optional)
  Cooling mode:air cooling